Thursday, 3 March 2011

School Website Brief

Hilford High will be the name of my school website, the design will be stylish, sleek and modern, in order to attract the target audience in which will be all ages, so this will hopefully fit the criteria for the audience. The website will also be in a conventional layout for a school website, with the school logo in the top left followed by the masthead, and maybe a banner to give an insight on the school before they properly look. I will also incorporate videos and images in order to give the website a bit of a boost in the quality side, which will hopefully attract my target audience even more.

Main Website Brief

I will be creating a website for a drug campaign, in order to help stop and aware young people about different types of drugs, what they do and the after effects they have. The design of the website will be a stylish and modern look in order to attract the target audience, in which will be young people. The website will contain a lot of images and videos which will be backed up by information, the reason for this is that I feel young people interact and engage more with images and videos, rather than blocks and blocks of text. The layout will be conventional to a typical website, with the logo, mast head and banner at the top of the page with a three column layout.


This is the shot list in which helped me develop my photo taking skills for the future and help me get a better knowledge on what I exactly need to do to get the perfect shot.

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Clear your mind -

Your school website should be finished now - or you must work it up in your own time.
Now it is time to do these things, and treat them as urgent -
Main site brief, shot list, storyboard, three sites research, audience survey.
They need to be done by this coming Monday 7th March: and at the same time, your main website must be work in progress.
It is really only 28 days to finishing time.